• Cooking

    Love bagel

    As a student, I worked part-time at a bakery for six years. Since then, I have loved bagels. I started making bagels because I wanted my children to eat simple bagels. The recipe…

  • Culture

    Japanease Culture

    We live in Japan.Japan has a unique tradition and culture.We would be happy if we could provide good information about Japan to people abroad and get them interested in Japan.

  • Science

    Science Information

    We have been involved in science in Japan. Dad has experience in medical and neuroscientific experiments, Mum in chemistry. We therefore disseminate our experiences on this website and compile a memorandum of our…

  • Hobby

    Hobby,3D printer

    I use a 3D printer to produce a variety of objects. ・House interiors・Office goods・Laboratory equipment… etc. I describe the production process and features on this website.

  • Cooking


    I love to cook. ・Japanese cuisine.・bread and pastries. With a little ingenuity, I will be posting my creations on my website.