• Culture

    Lakes in Japan

    Japan is home to numerous lakes. Surrounded by the country’s mountains, each lake has its unique color, captivating us with its vibrant scenery. Japan is a country abundant with mountains, seas, and nature.…

  • Hobby

    A real beetle came to our house!

    A real rhinoceros beetle has arrived at our house! My son, who always played with toy beetles, is overjoyed. Two Japanese rhinoceros beetles, a male and a female, have come. It has become…

  • Culture

    Samurai helmet

    A kabuto is a type of traditional Japanese helmet that is commonly used as a decorative item during certain festive occasions known as “sechi” or “matsuri.” The kabuto is typically made of metal…

  • Hobby

    Brush stand

    I paint pieces printed with a 3D printer. Of course, that brush stand is also made with a 3D printer! Let’s unify the brown color and make the work space stylish! You can…

  • Hobby

    Steam locomotive

    I built the Steam locomotive(SL) with a 3D printer. This is made of a special filament. Yes, it glows green in the dark. My son was very excited about the glowing SL train.

  • Hobby

    3D printer machine

    My favorite 3D printer is the ender-3 S1PRO. It has less printing errors and stable prints. I am currently making surprise toys for my children.

  • Culture

    Japanease Culture

    We live in Japan.Japan has a unique tradition and culture.We would be happy if we could provide good information about Japan to people abroad and get them interested in Japan.

  • Science

    Science Information

    We have been involved in science in Japan. Dad has experience in medical and neuroscientific experiments, Mum in chemistry. We therefore disseminate our experiences on this website and compile a memorandum of our…

  • Hobby

    Hobby,3D printer

    I use a 3D printer to produce a variety of objects. ・House interiors・Office goods・Laboratory equipment… etc. I describe the production process and features on this website.