• Culture


    Last weekend I took my son and daughter to my hometown. Luckily, the weather was nice and it was very pleasant to take a walk around the my parent’s house.We found lilies blooming…

  • Hobby

    Plastic model (Train Man)

    My son loves trains and plays with train toys every day when he comes home from daycare. Recently, he has been into assembling plastic model with train motifs and fighting with them by…

  • Cooking

    French toast

    I often make French toast because it is easy to cook and dad loves it. I made this for light meal last night because I knew he was tired after a long day…

  • Cooking

    Birthday of my son

    May is our son and daughter’s birthday month. For my son’s birthday, I made a fruit tart as requested. I put yogurt cream on top of the tart and decorated it with lots…

  • Cooking

    Butter Cookies

    I have recently become addicted to baking cookies, which my dad loves. He says the thickness is irresistible!!!I try various recipes of cookies from books and websites, and make them to our liking.

  • Culture

    A small pond

    We visited my parent’s house over the weekend and enjoyed a barbecue in their garden!! There is a small pond and shed in the backyard. When I was young, there were small fish…