• Cooking

    Lunch box for my son

    “Omusubi” (Rice ball wrapped in seaweed)Grilled salmonBaked pumpkinEdamame (Green soybeans)Cheese This is a lunch box for my son who goes to preschool. I hope he will eat a lot, play a lot, and…

  • Hobby

    Steam locomotive

    I built the Steam locomotive(SL) with a 3D printer. This is made of a special filament. Yes, it glows green in the dark. My son was very excited about the glowing SL train.

  • Hobby


    My son loves trains. Every weekend, we go to the station to watch the trains. Fortunately, we live in a town where there are lots of trains such as local trains, express trains…

  • Hobby

    3D printer machine

    My favorite 3D printer is the ender-3 S1PRO. It has less printing errors and stable prints. I am currently making surprise toys for my children.

  • Culture

    Snow (Yuki)

    Japan is very cold these days. It snowed a lot. Snow is called “Yuki” in Japanese. The snow on the mountains is very beautiful. Children are very excited to see the silky snow.

  • Cooking

    Milk bread

    Today’s filling is raisins and red bean paste. Soft and fluffy milk bread is a favorite of children. They always fight over it. The children were up early, lured by the delicious aroma…

  • Cooking

    Celebrate with a fruit tart

    For my son and daughter born in MayCelebrate with a fruit tart Domestic wheat flour, cane sugar, almond powder, butter, yogurt and a lot of fruit… We aim for simple and delicious food…