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    Brush stand

    I paint pieces printed with a 3D printer. Of course, that brush stand is also made with a 3D printer! Let’s unify the brown color and make the work space stylish! You can…

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    Steam locomotive

    I built the Steam locomotive(SL) with a 3D printer. This is made of a special filament. Yes, it glows green in the dark. My son was very excited about the glowing SL train.

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    My son loves trains. Every weekend, we go to the station to watch the trains. Fortunately, we live in a town where there are lots of trains such as local trains, express trains…

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    3D printer machine

    My favorite 3D printer is the ender-3 S1PRO. It has less printing errors and stable prints. I am currently making surprise toys for my children.

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    Hobby,3D printer

    I use a 3D printer to produce a variety of objects. ・House interiors・Office goods・Laboratory equipment… etc. I describe the production process and features on this website.