• Cooking

    Morning Bread for Dad

    I baked bread for Dad’s breakfast every morning. Today I made a bread rolls with egg salad and cucumber.I enjoy baking bread, but I actually prefer to eat rice. My children and I…

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    I made cookies with my son and daughter last weekend. Put butter, sugar, flour, and milk in a bowl and mix them with wooden spatula. Once the dough was formed, we formed it…

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    Baking bread

    When I was university student, I worked part-time in a bakery.After getting married and having children, I wanted to feed them as much homemade food as possible, which led me to start baking…

  • Cooking

    Bread roll

    Yesterday, I baked raisin and chocolate flavored bread rolls. Freshly baked bread was very soft. The next day they were moist and tasty. My son and daughter ate a lot of them.

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    Dolls’ Festival

    March 3rd is Doll’s Festival when we pray for the healthy growth of girls. I decorated traditional dolls and celebrated with strawberry tarts for my daughter. I also made lunch with egg, salmon…

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    Lunch box for my son

    “Omusubi” (Rice ball wrapped in seaweed)Grilled salmonBaked pumpkinEdamame (Green soybeans)Cheese This is a lunch box for my son who goes to preschool. I hope he will eat a lot, play a lot, and…

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    Milk bread

    Today’s filling is raisins and red bean paste. Soft and fluffy milk bread is a favorite of children. They always fight over it. The children were up early, lured by the delicious aroma…

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    Celebrate with a fruit tart

    For my son and daughter born in MayCelebrate with a fruit tart Domestic wheat flour, cane sugar, almond powder, butter, yogurt and a lot of fruit… We aim for simple and delicious food…

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    Love bagel

    As a student, I worked part-time at a bakery for six years. Since then, I have loved bagels. I started making bagels because I wanted my children to eat simple bagels. The recipe…